Reveille from the Lancaster Military Heritage Group


Lancaster War Memorial

Lancaster Military Heritage Group bid you a very warm welcome to this site which contains all the material of a very comprehensive War Memorial  project commenced in 2002 and ending in 2005 with the  Lancaster City celebration of the end of the war in Europe on  8 May 2005.  A book, The Last Post was published, along with a data CD “Reveille”. The Project was awarded the accolade of the designation “Queen’s Jubilee Project”.  The proceeds from selling the Book and CD amounting to over £4000.00 were donated to The Armed Forces Memorial Appeal which funded the  Memorial to service personnel killed since World War Two built at the National Arboretum near Lichfield in Staffordshire.
We hope you find the site interesting but above all we hope you will spare a quiet moment to reflect upon the short lives of the men and women listed herein who made the supreme sacrifice in time of conflict.
Outline of the Project. The links above will take you to details about the Military Heritage Group and to a section describing our War memorial Project.

The Data Disc contains a very wide variety of information and detail collected whilst preparing Books of Honour for presentation to various organisations, particularly the Local Parish Councils and local libraries. The Books of Honour contained the biographies of the 2700 man and women named on the War Memorials surrounding Lancaster and Morecambe.
 All of the material is in support of our Primary Aim:

"To record as much detail as possible on all those named on the War Memorials in and around Lancaster, so that their lives can be remembered in a fuller and more significant way for all time."

The material will also hopefully provide research information for those who wish to pursue family history, or who simply have an interest in this topic of "Remembrance".

Scope. A great deal of ground is covered and initially can seem confusing or overwhelming. If so many apologies. Below are a few tips to steer you in the direction of the main areas which are linked together using the various links.

Contents. The first port of call should be the "Data Contents" list to get a feel for the amount and variety of information on offer. The material is in two parts:

  1. Main Index. This index lists the names of the men and women from our local area who gave their lives in conflict. There are some 2.700 plus names commemorated on our local War Memorials, mainly on the outside War Memorials or Cenotaphs. They are also named on the many and various war memorials: stained glass windows, rolls of honour and plaques inside churches and other buildings as well as a number who are buried in local cemeteries with a Commonwealth War Grave headstone. You will be able to find a name in the index and then navigate to their commemoration be it a biography, war memorial or local cemetery.
  2. The Last Post. This 150 page book is on the site as a PDF - an E Book -  and can be easily read or referenced. Contents include a full description of the 220 local war memorials including their history and photographs , Presentations of The Books of Honour, The VE2005 Celebrations, The involvement of local schools in VE 2005, a “taster” about the history of war memorials and the new London memorials and finally details and pictures of the National Memorial at the Arboretum in Lichfield. To access the book click on The Last Post in Data Contents.

c. Other Material. To supplement the index a variety of supporting information is available. This includes details of all the 200 local war memorials, newspaper obituaries and stories written by relatives.

Copyright. Extracts from the site  may be copied providing the copies are for individual and personal use only. Religious organisations and Schools may copy and use the information within their own establishments. Otherwise all rights are reserved. No part of this site may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording or any information storage and retrieval systems, without permission in writing from the Editor.

Mistakes - An Apology from the Editor
In a work of this nature, with many thousand pieces of data, it would be miraculous if I got everything correct. Thus there will be errors I am sure. In my research I have been very conscious of the sensitivity of the information. Indeed on many occasions with a large lump in my throat. Thus I hope I have some inkling of the upset which can be caused if some detail of a loved one's death is incorrect. If this happens I apologise. Certainly the mistakes will be mine. Perhaps any such mistakes can be notified to me by clicking on Contact.