Producing and editing a Book and Data Disc of this nature has involved a large number of people and organisations. An abiding memory is how many “nice” people I have met; all have been interested, courteous and helpful. There are so many to thank. I hope they will not mind if I simply list their names – they will know of their contributions and what it meant for them.

For the Book and the Data Disc: Janet Brewer, Sheila Denwood, Lynda Burke, Dorothy Phillips, Judith Clarke, Jane Hughes, Chris Robson, Francis Parker, Peter Donnelly and Norman Gardner.

For photographs The majority of the photographs are by me and I apologise in advance; there is no substitute for expertise! The better ones are by Gillian McQueen, Judith Clarke and Peter Donnelly: the professional ones are from the Lancaster Guardian and the Morecambe Visitor . We are most grateful to both of them for permission to use their photographs.

From organisations: The Lancaster and District Library Service (Steve, Lyn, Jennie and Susan for their everlasting patience and expertise), Lancaster Guardian for consistent support and understanding (Sue Riley and Louise Bryning), Radio Lancashire (Tim Padfield), Kent Valley Printers (Howard Duff), IDENT of Kendal (David Smith), IS SO Technology (Darren Phillips).

The National Organisations: The Commonwealth War Graves Commission, the National Inventory of War Memorials and the War Memorials Trust all provide information and data without which this Book and Data Disc would be impossible.

Financial Support: We are most appreciative of receiving two Grants from Awards for All (North West) which have funded the War Memorial Project. We thank the Westfield Memorial Village Council and Lancaster City Council for their support

The Custodians: Those who look after the 200 War Memorials recorded in this book have been most patient and helpful during our research. Thank you.

Relatives and friends: Who have provided information about their loved ones who died in conflict, and told us so many moving stories. We cannot thank them enough.

My wife and family: For wondering who the fellow was sat at the computer! For supplying copious quantities of tea and support. For proof reading.

Most of all Our thanks to the 2700 men and women commemorated on our War Memorials.